Sips of sin,
and I'm fine with him.
He's taken my gin,
and I'm breaking his grin.
We murder the sheets
and grind in the streets.
I've got the whitest teeth,
but what you're kissing ain't me.
With Russian desires,
I'll swim and perspire
in your scent as we speak
Little children in my street
chew on authority's meat
since we're trying to belive
I can't see you
as you look at me
I can't love you
But you whipser my beat
I can't love you
But you smile so meek
I can't love you
but you're the backseat
I skip through destruction
through the craving and deduction
one and one
makes five and six
as I run and run
I kill the crucifix
let me tell you this story
of the death of my glory
but as you listen,
it's boring
you can't see me
I'm whoring
as my face changes shapes
as this story takes and takes
from my soul and from my mind
you change your vision
I go blind
No longer beautiful
no longer a mystery
once you know
It's all about killing me
within the sun
and around the sky
I burn
and I fly
and you spurn
and you cry
as I lick you goodbye
I wish in my eye
I may one last time
look at something
and discover it fine.
But we gaze upon planets
and sweat through cotton
what this is, I can't have it
I bathe in the rotten
little venom
trickles through pores
I've killed, and I've kissed 'em
but never asked for more.

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