A thought.
The glimpse of an eye may wonder.
The Carcass may rot.
And I may stumble through dark nights in blunder.
Imagination may soon soothe such a soul.
But a touch in the woods brings a girl for the show.

You beautiful young child!
You look so grown.
And your whisper drowns the miles.
Let these worries castrate you no longer.
I am here to save.
I am here to offer.

Walk into these doors.
Don't you mind the locks.
We are the mortal war.
We are here to shock.

And action.

We are the company of pleasure.
I will train you.
I will create much better.

My darling Duchess.
Slip on these heels and pose for your silohuette.
Your lips mimick flowers.
Your eyes eat what's met.

The secret walls may not speak of such a sight.
I have created a bed for you.
Do not cry through the night.

For you are born for his smile.
You are created for light.
And if you betray me,
I will rid you your life.

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