This decision must last.

I don't know.

I took acid the other night,
Without much thought.

I throw myself into situations.
And I assume my stumbling, confused self will just take the beating.


I enjoyed it, though I was stuck babysitting the drunken one.

Little bit of a disappointment.

My friend was only drunk and should have been the one to
take care of the barfing overgrown child.

But some don't seem to have much of a heart.
For anyone but themselves.

So, I sat in the van of ever changing patterns.
And tried my best to take care of the human
who seemed to be slowly vomiting slugs?

I don't care, I suppose.

My father woke me up, yelling.
Once again reminding me that he thinks I'm a drug addict because I sleep.

I have no agenda,
Why wake me?

Life seems pointless recently.

I have once again decided I don't like anyone.

And I have left most acquaintances.

I made some vodka plans tonight.
But even my dear Vodka can't bring me to spend time with these people.

I want to drink with interesting people.
Who challenge my intelligence.

Rather than bring a disgusted smirk to my withering face.

And someone rid me of these walking erections!
I want nothing to do with them.

I am so over this.....sex.
Simply to ease the craving.

I'll have it for another reason.


  1. Next time I will know how to take care of myself. So no one has to worry about the baby.