I have been waiting this whole time.

For someone to tell me that I didn't deserve it.
I tell myself.
And I know I didn't.

But I want to know someone else believes that.

I want someone to make up for my Dad.

No one really gives me worth.

I mean, Grace does.

But our world is about her.
Rather than us.

I keep ignoring every phone call today.
I couldn't handle socialization.

I really hate being so upset like I am.
I wish I could feel happy.

It's like.
There's nothing really to be upset about.
But I can't reach it.

I wish I liked people more.
I wish I wasn't afraid of trusting people.

I wish I didn't have such high standards.

I wish I was stupid and blind.

I wish I felt.
I was worth something.

My life is disgusting.

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