I lie to myself and make myself believe that no one ever likes me.

I had a dream that my dad was dead.
And I couldn't stop crying.

I can't look at his face anymore.
I've been a horrible person.

The last numbers of my social are the same as my Grandfather's.

I don't want to think about it.

This guy I met...
I met him on Halloween.
He kept asking me to dance,
But the guy I was dancing with wouldn't let me go.
It was like one of those stupid, cliche' scenes
Where both the guys were pulling at my arms,
Except the guy I wasn't dancing with wasn't really a part of it.
He got my number before I got kicked out,
But I had so much Armenian Cognac,
I knew the numbers,
But not where they went.

Ashley invited me to Oasis this weekend.
She said that her boyfriend's brother was attracted to me.
And then he came,
And it was funny.
He got all excited when he saw me,
But I didn't talk much.
His brother bought me drinks,
And I went and danced with the guy.
Some chick was trying to get me,
But... whatever.
He got tired before I did.
I don't know what happens after about two shots,
But I can dance forever.

He just had his arms around me all night.
And that was too fast.
It was like I was his girlfriend.
He kept leaving to do some business with other Armenians.
And just left me there.
But I liked it because I don't want to be treated toooooo well.

We went to a hookah lounge after.
This black chick tried to get at me.
And this other Armenian guy was...I don't know.

We went back to their place to watch a movie.
I told him I'd let him kiss me once that night.
But I have problems with touching people.
He kept putting his hand between my legs.
But I kept taking it away.
He said he liked it that I wouldn't let him do things.

I don't know.

I should be with someone just to understand it.

I suppose I just expect that I'll find a guy who's like me.
But I don't think that's going to happen.
And I'll just.

He speaks Russian, Armenian, Spanish, and English.
He wants to teach me how to drive,
But I'll just embarrass myself and kill everyone.

His body was comfortable.

He told me that on Halloween,
There were like five guys after me,
And that's why he never got a chance to talk to me.
It made me laugh,
I don't notice those things.

This weekend, though.
There were a lot trying to get to know me.
But I'm too shy.

My friends are always excited to introduce me to their friends.
And they think I'm going to be this really interesting and fun person.
But I can't act like myself, and I don't talk.

Melissa brings up that I do Cocaine sometimes,
And she makes me look like I'm lost in this world.
And she brings up that I sleep with people.
And I just look like a whore everywhere.

I gave up on trying to make myself look good.
People will find out one day when they talk to me on their own.

I met this other guy.
He's 28, though.'
And has a kid.


Cps has been calling my phone for months.

I found out Ashley did the same thing.
Hers was worse, though.
I've never met anyone who had it as good as I did.

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