I'm high right now.
And I have all of these thoughts in my head.
And I wonder what it would be like to write down everything my head thinks in a couple seconds.
Billie Holiday.
Brown Nipples.
Bryan thinking T-Bone likes me.
Shawn and his girlfriend.
Walking to his house at night for free pills.
Fear and Loathing.
Throwing up in his bushes on the front lawn.
Bad Adam.
And what he said.
Bounty Hunter.
And back to what he said.
And the park.
And the time with Shelby.
When he scared her.
And his bloodshot eyes.
And Sebastian pissing on his car.
And I stole his sticker.
And put out a cigarette on his window.
And he told me he knew it was me.
And I'm done.

God damnit.
That just turned out negative.

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