I feel like I have become a normal person now.
In the fact that I think like a normal person does.
I know society's morals.
I work.
I exist.
I learn.

Life is becoming a schedule.
And I don't feel young.

I feel like I have nothing to say.

I was bored at work.
The boy who works at Macey's walks by.
So I tell him to come over and ask if he has some.
I take my lunch, he calls a friend.
We smoke.
And it was chill.
I mean, it's obvious he was down for me, but
I made it daaaaaaaaaaaaamn obvious I was into Bryan.
And he didn't bother much.

Sex yesterday.
I wish I could tell you.
All of a sudden.
He pulls out lotion, haha.
And gives me a fucking massage.

He's so attractive.

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