Yellow light.
And speed in your eyes.
It's all in the mind.
As it turns into falsification.

The metal still shines.
But it's lying this time.
You still believe every spoken line.
As you fall into the vision.

Of spurn and of forgiving touch.
You kiss your shoulder.
But you don't believe yourself.
They're fucking with you.

And it dries your skin and your stomach.
And when you look over, you feel love.
But it's fucking with you, too.

Silence and pride.

But punishing will never lead to an apology.
And everything you complain about is hypocritical.
You change yourself to become what you've always wanted to be.
And to grow along.
But they're not growing along with you.

What is it when you learn how you hurt the world.
And you work to make it better.
When the world knows how to bring you down.
Yet it stays in the same place.

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