I am freaking out.
I have so much anxiety.
Money is fucking hard.
I wish Kevin would pay rent straight up.
And it wouldn't be so difficult.
I wish he could.
Just, fuck.
And Bryan's birthday.
And I'm trying really hard to make it amazing.
And I need to have 40$ on the last day for dinner.
And I won these sunglasses on Ebay.
And I didn't mean to.
But I guess they're usually around $100.
And I got two for thirty.
But they aren't Sunclouds.
Oh, fuck.
And I'll take him out to breakfast on his birthday.
I need to have probably 60$ just for the day.
And I need to buy him a vinyl so that he still has a surprise.
Because he found out about the Pro-Tools.
And what else.
I should take him out somewhere other than dinner.
I should buy a sac of weed.
And we'll smoke it by the beach and our old house.
I have to take him somewhere.
I wish I could take him to Wolfmother in Australia.
I wish I could give him a car :c
Maybe I'll take him to Open Mic.
I have seriously found almost nothing.
I can't fuck this up.

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