I happened to.
Be addicted to.
This tension.

I don't belong.
Though I'm wrong.
And I mention.

Incorrect connection.
This awkward acception.
I'm a lie.
In my mind.
But the reality.
Still calls to me.
To take me from the.

I'm hurtin'.

I'm just afraid.
Of the mistakes.
I taste like.

But if they look straight on.
They can see through the clone.
Of this creative.

I feel okay if I'm alone.

You're the exact blood.
Of  this baby feeling.
It's still needing.

Jo's still missing.

But it's sad because.
I still know you're leaving.

You're leaving.
So why not be gone.

This addiction to you.
Is only so long.

So I wean.
I wean.

You're beautiful,
But it's mean.

I wean,
And I wean.

I love you,
But I wean.

Such a lie.
Such a lie.

I'm caught inside the deviled mind.

I'm twisting in this evil grind.

But if you'll fade away.
If you'll be dust to stay.
Why look at you with this wonderous need.
You're soon to leave.
You're soon to leave.

Why am I crying.
If you're soon to leave.


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