I met his mother today.
Even though we've been together for.....
A year and.....
Four months.
She has been avoiding me because she found this website.
And therefore it is for my own pleasure now.
She was nice.
I started sweating when we first started talking.
Which is very uncommon. 

He is too comfortable with me.
In the manner that he is extremely rude.
Even if it's minor,
It's like having a huge bruise poked over and over again.
And I am becoming too sick of it.
To the point where I will leave him if he doesn't change.
But whenever I try to speak to him about any problems,
He turns it into a situation where I'm "nagging"
And he's just sighing and over it.
And won't listen to a thing.

How can I be in a relationship where I can't talk to him about anything.
That's fucking stupid.
What a selfish ape.

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