My throat hurts.
I'm exhausted.
Every time I eat, I get nauseous.
And I'm obsessing. 

I've seen too much of Lucas.
That also exhausts me.
I don't.
He pushed my boundaries.
And I hate that.

Speaking of.
I still have to email that photographer man that I cleaned for.
And tell him I'm never coming again and not to contact me.

I don't trust Bryan.
He's going to do the same thing he did to Emily.
Why not.
He's always looking.

And I'm settled.
And old.
And prude.
And dried up.
And I'm happy and comfortable this way.

So.....sucks for me.

And I wish being in a relationship didn't take the guitar away from me.
Good thing I'm going to sleep alone tonight.
He can flirt with grommy beezies.
And I can have a nice evening with Harrison. 

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