Man, living downtown.
I feel like people on Pacific ave. think I'm more mysterious than I really am.
There's the bar one block from my house which I will never go to.
The black bouncers are my secret friends.
And the Jaberwok is a beautiful shop with the $270 whale pipe that belongs to me.
With little skateboard kids that hang out outfront.
The Surf Dog on the corner across from Saturn Cafe.
And it's filled with ghetto people that frighten me.
The liquor store on the corner across.
Parallel to Taco Bell.
The Indian man who sold me Vodka one night.
But when I come during the day, he realizes that I am a fraud.
And does not give me the Jack Daniels I desire.
Graphix with the guy who calls me Big Red.
And the obese sweating crack addicted black man who sold me Barnaby for $50.
More to describe.
But my father is coming soon.
Must hide bong and such.

Life is groooooooovvvvvvyyyyyyy.

All I need to do is stop vomiting.

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