Now have appetite suppressants.

I think I'm considering ending my relationship.
It's not what I want.
And I think that I give up on it.


You'd think that after hearing me throw up six times a day for a year, you'd reconsider telling me to suck in.


Oh, and my car is dead and smashed forever.

Not any thanks to myself, of course.
I knew I should't have weighed myself.

Appetite suppressants are to be bought today.


I am so sick of coughing all of the time.
Especially in the morning, I wake up and cough and cough.
I don't have gnarly mucus.
It's only little bits.
But I'm always wheezing.
So I looked up some stuff, and I am going to cut dairy and meat and starches for a while.

And buy appetite suppressants.
And live at the gym.

I am disgusted with myself every morning I wake.


Okay, so.

Appetite suppressants again.
And an obsessive life at the gym.
And I will feel
Satisfied again.

I am hermiting myself.
I should be a mysterious lust queen.
People should be bleeding for me at my feet.

What am I doing here, an old hag.
I need to conquer myself once again.

Without an eating disorder.....