Don't miss me.
Don't miss you.

Forget about the things.
That I used to do. 
Forget about money. 
Spent on the love that was used. 
To beat me in the brain. 
To turn my mind blue. 

Why am I here if it's so clear to Me. 
Doesn't matter a bit to you about our history. 
I want to beat you bloody and dead. 
Too bad I'm a weak girl with no muscles to shed.

I'm alone with you. 
I'm alone with you, boy. 
I don't feel a thing. 
Coming this way. 
Don't feel a thing. 
Making me feel okay. 

When I sleep alone, And I miss you.
And I think about you all the time But I don't exist in your mind. 
Fuck you, staying at my house when I'm gone. 
Using water and electricity that could have been saved. 
Inviting a group of Italians over to stay while I'm gone. 
And you don't fucking ask me. 
You don't even realize because it's not your money. 
You won't realize it's being spent. 
I resent you. 
I give you everything I have that exists. 
And you take it all, and you want more and more. 
And you give me nothing. 
Because you have nothing. 
Because you're living off me, And it's so comfortable. 

I'm not your fucking father daddy that pays for you. 
I'm not your mommy mother that puts you to bed. 
And kisses you and holds you at night. 

I'm the girl you've used dry. 
Kill you on the sly. 
Burn you 'till you die.