And this confusion only continues.
Chelsea was on his facebook.
And she was the one who told me that he didn't like me that way.
And she pretended to be him until she spoke as herself.

And as of 4 am this morning, they are broken up.
And he is flying here on my birthday tomorrow.
And I just got off the phone with him.
He said that he's coming here, and I am ditching him.
I asked, ditching him?
He said, yeah, I've been single for ten years, and now you're leaving back to California.
Boy, you didn't just run to this city for me.
I'll be back January 3rd.

Eliza is very very not down for this situation.
Rightly so.
I am having a hard time listening to my realistic mind.
I want it.
I want to touch him.
And I want him to touch me.
And it's my birthday.
But Chelsea is my friend, I really love her, I respect the fuck out of that girl.
I am confused.
I wish that she was the one who was over him.
Maybe she is.
I don't know much about this situation.
I'm just all of a sudden involved in it.

Joe's quite troubled right now.
He's been in a relationship for ten years.
He is being very impulsive.
And we're a bit worried about him.
I hope that he doesn't snap.
I hope that he doesn't destroy anything, you know.

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