Oh yeah, you want to know about Daisy?
Let me tell you about Daisy.

He was in Mexico with Chelsea, his girlfriend of four years.
And he is talking to me through messages.
He is telling me that he wants to cuddle and hold me.
I ignore him at first.
But then he says that she is making out with this boy right next to him.
As they are in an open relationship now.
And so he tells me that he likes me.
And so I tell him that I do, as well.
That I have had a crush on him since I met him.
And you want to know what.
He calls me the next day talking and venting.
And then he texts me this morning.
And you want to know what Daisy said?
He said that he lied to me.
He lied to me, Chelsea wasn't doing that, they aren't in an open relationship.
He asks me if he should tell her that he likes me.
I said no.
And then, he said that he is sorry for confusing me about his feelings, he doesn't like me that way.
After I tell you the same, you take it back, fool.
Fool who said should I tell her I like you.
Fool who said "I was really drunk, and I knew we shouldn't even talk about that unless we had an excuse, so I made it up."
Fool who said I need you.
Fool who said Do you really care.
Fool who said that's why I hung out with you. I'm not a scumbag, but me, too. I just want to escape to you. Hold you. After I said that I had a crush since I met him.
Fool who said Mashy, I want you to come over and stay there, I just want to hold you.
Fool who said I'll wait, let me know.

I am mad, and made a fool of.
And after all those things, I'm not sure if I believe that he doesn't feel the same.
But I don't care, he has tainted such fun.

And he tells Chelsea, and she messages me that it's okay and respects me even more because of the way I handled things.
But I feel like a fucking whore.
Getting in between a relationship.
Swooping there so quickly.
I mean.
He came to me, said it to me, and said they were in an open relationship.
But she is also my friend.
I just thought since she was making out with another dude that she didn't care for this one anymore.
But she wasn't making out with a dude.
And she does care for this one.

And he just took me and shoved me through the shredder.

And A similar thing with Walter!
Just talking to this guy, trying to help him out, help him figure out how to get better.
And he tells his girlfriend I called her names and said he should leave her.
Fuck him.
Fuck these fucking lying boys getting me into shit I don't give a fuck about.

Fuck you pathetic sensitive pussies.
Deal with yourselves, then.

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