Bryan is so fake.
Lying to my face this whole time.
His fake sweet care of friendship he's expressed.
Using my fucking camera.
Why did I spend two nights there.
Why did he even want to hang out today.
And tomorrow, fool!!!!!
How can I look at his face.
That emotional ape.
He doesn't know how to control himself. His temperamental explosion has caused for me to only loathe.

Good job, fucker!
Emily and I both hate you!
Success! Four and a half years of pathetic success!

Wish I never gave you the gift of jamming with me.
You know the woman in my songs?
It's you.
It's you, woman.
It's ya chappin' my balls.
It's me hating you.
Drying me out.
Drying my soul and my body both at once.

Ya listen to good music, but you're a boring normal.

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