God, Sarah has the nerve.
That normal boring.
Calls me pretentious and fake.
Because I'm moving to Ny?
Because I do awesome shit, and I'm not afraid to say it.
I'm opinionated, aggressive, and not afraid to show that I love myself.
But I love my friends, and I'm very honest.
I wonder if she simply read this bling an saw that she's a boring normal and got offended.

Is it because I dress differently now?
You think that just because I'm friends with Liza that I'm chasing a new image?
No, people grow and change with time.
Just because you wear the same boring old surf brand clothes for years, doesn't meant it's wrong for me to get groovier and groovier.

Boring girl, so plain.
Our friendship faded once I found friends that also bring voodoo.
Rather than the time I spent with her.
That reminded me of girlfriends in high school.
Listening to her blast shitty fucking girl music.
Videoing themselves dancing and then posting it.
If you're going to video yourself, make it an art piece at least, boring fucker.
Not some oooooo gurl sleepover thang.

I've only gained independence and power, and people don't understand change.
Especially these small brain kids grown up in this small town with only small things to do.
Striving to be boring engineers or boring lawyers sitting at boring desks in boring cubicles.
I'm not going to Ny for fame.
I'm going because I'm going to actually do what I want and make it profitable.
I'm making my dream reality.
Sit in your cubicle and hear about me on the radio.
Sneer to your cubicle friend and say ya knew me once.
Say I ain't all that I seem to be.
But what do you know?
Assumptions make you a fool.

And I'll only continue to stomp on you, boring normal.

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