Two nights ago, 
We ended up going over to the girl neighbours.
And I hadn't been in there since the boys.
It was quite trippy.
I saw the boy who was there when I took the Heroin Hobo photos.
And I was quite aggressive on him.
As Friends.
But I think he may have been very confused by me.
Because he seemed very nervous.
Attempting to continue conversation.
But just nervous.
And I wake up in the middle of the night to drunky Bryce who had come in and slept on my couch.
I let him sleep on the Claud Bed with me and Hellz.
It was kind of cute, he cuddled me.
Laid his head on my chest and back.
Had an arm around me.
After Helen leaves for work, we talk a little.
And he says to me...

"Hey Masha?"
"Can I.....give you head?"

"Man, I'm at the end of my period, I wish."

And a few minutes later after some more conversation...

"Wait....how at the end of your period?"

Hahhaha, he wanted to so bad!
This is mind blowing to me.
It's quite glorious.
I will certainly be getting head from Bryce.

And Hannah is back!
His sister who I love.
She's good for brain racking conversation.
She's a deep thinker, and likes to challenge herself.

But so last night, Pian comes over.
We have dinner.
Do a photo shoot with this projector that he brought over from Ikea.
And we get drunker and drunker and almost forget to go to these parties.
I was certainly slurring by the end.
Mostly because people aren't very good at mingling and getting to know each other.
So I drank a lot of the tequila that was in my purse.
The first party was Zephyrs.
And Tio was there.
And Tio is groovy and delicious, and I want to be friends.

But I can't be so agressive with these boys.
They're going to think I'm swooned or something.
They don't understand how much of a man I am until they spend more time with me.
We go to Kyle's party after.
And Kyle was fucking so god damn groovylicious.
He gave me a tour of his awesome house.
And then I found Nat and Hans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ooooooo I am so in love with Natalie!!!!!
MmmmmMMMMmmmmMMMMMM that big booty.

I get a ride home from Nat and Hans because I couldn't find Pian, 
and if he was getting his mac on, I was going to let him continue to do so.
But he wasn't.
He came home to tha Claud Haus.
We went to bed, and I didn't want to hook up, so I said so.
But we cuddled.
And it's really weird to me how cuddly he's become.
I mean, it's very nice and feels great.
But when we hook up, he's pulling hair, grabbing neck, and shoving my body around.
But like the night on molly,
He was so cuddly.
And he kissed my neck so soft so many times.
And he rubbed and rubbed me.
But when he took it further, I would stop him.
I don't want to hook up because his relationship is unstable.
If it were still open, I'd be fine.
But I also just didn't feel like hooking up, I don't know why.
Physically, I did.
I gave the both of us blue bawlz.
And it fucking hurt, we'd just squeeze each other through the pain of it.
And the only time I find him attractive is when he's on top if me with his shirt off.

Anyway, what a day I've had.
A morning with Bryce, and a night with Pian.

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