Wow, seeing Liza.
We talked and stuffs, and I knew I was just offense in my head.
Seeing her is perfect.
I'm reminded that life's about to be much bigger than this small town.
Offended folks that drown me.
It's too shitty when everyone knows everyone.
I shouldn't really, but I feel sad for Bryan.
I love him and wish we could be friends.
It makes me really sad.
And even though he left me dry,
I still really appreciated other things.
It was still a very positive relationship for me.
He's so offended.
He hates Ian so much.
But I haven't done wrong.
And I'm not in trouble.
But I'm going to talk to Bai.
Bryan is so emotional, he can't control himself.
I was, too.
I went into his Facebook.
I want to know what he told Bailey.
But he didn't say it on there.

He doesn't have enough soul nor depth.
He's a baby brain in an ape body.

He's a fool to me.
He's completely embarrassed himself.
And he's made me sad.
I hate having this hate in me.

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