Eliza has been annoying me.
She gets pompous about experiences that she's had because it's her only thing.
When she has the slightest knowledge about things, she rides it hard.
I hear her repeat knowledge that I've told her as if it is her own.
She's even repeated jokes I've said.
I said them, and no one heard.
She repeats it shortly after, and they laugh.
Last night, she was so eggy and bitchy.
Wee waw, I payed $20 for this.
I've been to a million of these
Oh yeah, why didn't you say that when you read the email.
Why don't you just explore with us and find something good.
And shut your mouth.
She knocked my pipe out of my hands, and he broke.
And her bitchiness on top of that just kind of made her not worth it.
Until we finally found and actually good band.
And the whiny mouth started to smile.
We wake up in the afternoon, 
and she locks herself in the room with Caylah.
Okay, welp.
Just leave Clara by herself in the living room, yeah.
Now lock yourself in your room, yeah.

Women are really really annoying when you're around them for a long time.
I want to move into my new apartment.
And I want to do what I want.

I hung out with Jordan a little bit.
And I feel like I have a crush on him.
But I'm not fully into it.
And I'm not going to let anything happen.

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