I did myself wrong last night.
No hunger until I found it necessary.
I thought that I was as strong as I normally am.
But a bowl of soup didn't help me recoup.
I found myself drowning in my puke.
Spit sliming down my chin and into the toilet bowl.
Threw myself into a warm bath to attempt to let go.
Face dead and heavy sliding into the water to drown.
Every movement murdered my stomach up and down.
Laying there too long to last.
Two beautiful girls burst in loud and fast.
I did myself wrong last night.
But women gave me back my life.
Slowly and humble, I awaken with humour.
Ready, set, go,  walk to a party, peculiar.

As two boys leave, two men enter, both french.
One talked to me about my lips, my face curled with a stench.
He asks me if I like him talking to me like that, and I give him no.
He asks me why, I told him to let go.
I don't know you, don't speak to me like that.
I'm very stoned, and with only honesty, I can react.
They take us in their home.
A crazy coloured world.
But French people are quite rude.
Yet they offer all of their food.
Fed a table circled with kids.
The woman was speaking shit.
French secrets in front of my eyes.
I couldn't care about their happiness swarmed with flies.
Nice lips man talks about punching the bag.
It sounded nice, so I gave it a drag.
House owner starts condemning me for being a fool.
You could break your arm, girl, that sure ain't cool.
How dare you come into my house.
And touch as you please.
I'm so sorry, sir, 
I was only following your friend, stupidly.

And I attempt to swoon the woman.
And yes, I do.
And as I attempt, 
I swoon the house owner, too.

They get serious so suddenly.
And tell us never to bring drugs.
They ask us what we're on.
I'm the only one stoned, ya bug?

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