Met this boy. 
Who I have seen around. 
He looks like Tj, so I thought he was at first. 
Found myself staring at him. 
Wondering if he is my friend. 
And I realize that I'm staring!
And he notices. 
I see him at multiple Mystery Lights shows. 
But I don't bother on it. 

Clara and I come to the film department building for Sva today. 
To be extras in a movie. 
And he is there. 
He is the first person I am introduced to. 
His name is Jackson. 
And I don't give him much attention. 
I was for some reason nervous around him. 
I think because I felt like a weirdo for staring on accident. 

So we're extras on this set. 
And Clara had to sit with the main crew. 
And I have to sit with him by myself. 
And I decided welp, I'm going to talk to this kid. 
And he's very cute. 
Not usually my flavor. 
But, man, he's really cute. 
And so. 
We have to be talking in this scene. 
But silently. 
So we look at each other and say silent things. 
And he has very nice eyes to look at. 
And we had to do many many takes. 
I thought it was nice. 
We talked the whole time. 
And he hung out with us the whole time. 
Came out with us for a cigarette though he doesn't smoke. 
He actually doesn't do anything. 
Never smoked weed. 
I told him he should do psychedelics. 

And he's a weirdo! 
And I made the face. 
And said you look like a man. 
And they thought it was so funny. 
And it's nice to hang out with these beautiful people. 
And be weird and ugly and goofy with them. 
And make my weird sounds. 
And have them appreciated. 

I was taking to Clara as he was sitting down. 
He was laughing along with us. 
And at the end, he says that it was a solid conversation. 
And that he was eves dropping the whole time. 

He showed me his art which is reaaaaaaally cool. 
And he does graffiti. 
And I would like to join him in that. 

And I would like to hang out with him. 

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