He likes Clara.
Sam told me.
And Clara likes him.
Sam told me.
I read the conversation.
She told him that I was into him.
She sold me out.
He didn't need to know.
But she told me that she wasn't down for him.
However, they are out to dinner.
And I feel this is showing me that I can't trust this girl as much as I thought.
At least when it comes to guys....
Or maybe honesty.
She is good for a good time.

I should be spending more time with Min.
She's the only girl who has fully proven herself to me.

Jordan is trying at me since I shown loss of interest.

And I met this great boy, Chaz, who I want to be best friends with.
His friend tried to grind in bed with me.
I just offered a place to sleep because he was too long for the couch.

I confronted Jackson and made him feel like a shit.

My lips are swollen from mangos.

I'm becoming inpatient here.
I feel bored.
I feel like.
I'm receiving attention from people who aren't as great as I am.
And the people who are so.
Want the people who aren't as great as they are.

 I would like someone who is even greater than I am.
This is going to take so long.
But it's not necessarily about finding them, but stumbling upon.

I feel betrayed by Clara.

I think that I am.

I will keep my mouth shut.
But I will not trust her.

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