Bry and I don't talk anymore.
After I told him I love him and wish I didn't have to choose him or New York.
But the second I said that.
And his response was hurtfully minimal.
I have only remembered the pain of loving him.

And he's forgotten me painlessly.

But it won't be painless, he just may not know.
He just won't know why he feels so.
But it's me inside of him.
Crawling out of his chest.
As I rip it to shreds.
Eating his brain and mind from the inside.
Whispering evil things in his ears at night.

The sad thing is.
That I will always remember the black eye.
Bruised cheeks.
Stolen car.
Loveless months.
Split open head.

But he won't.
He's not going to look back on that.

I think that almost hurts me the most.
He won't remember that he hurt me.

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