I am here at student orientation
And all I feel to do is cry
And break shit
I'm so pissed to be here
By myself
Where the fuck is Liza?
I'm going to fucking kill them
Why am I here
Without her
I wouldn't be here without her
She's the one who sparked me
She's the one who made my soul explode
She's the one who gave me power
Who I made a schedule with
To get everything done
She drove me to school
And picked me up
She slaved for me
And she isn't here
This is horrible
This makes me feel horrible
Eliza needs to be here
I'm going to fucking kill them.
Everyone is here with their parents
And I am alone
Because Liza isn't here
I can't fucking believe this
They haven't even told her if she got in
How negligent and unprofessional.

They accepted 65% last year and only 45% this year

45%, and you can't figure it out?

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