I feel as if I'd open this up.
And blast off with a lot of things to say.

Eliza got into Pratt!
With a $12,000 scholarship just like me.
And I can tell there's something inside of her that is just so calmed and satisfied.

We're hanging outside.
And we stare at the stairwell.
"Let's go up."
We're already half way up.
The roof was amazing.
We gonna tagz it up.

And we went up there with Ben.
And smoked a joint together.
The three of us make me so happy.

We got in, man.
We're going to the other orientation together.
We're having classes together.
Me and Minn, dude.
Do you understand how we're going to explode.
Bathing in it, bathing.
She's me soulmate.
What we can do together is more voodoo than anything I've brought to Ny so far.

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