I feel so lonely in this world.
I just.
I miss Eliza so much.
We spent the earlier part of the day together.
I rode Cay's bike over.
We smoked in the back yard.
And started doing some photos.
I grafitti'd tha table.
I pulled my skirt up for her.
When I'm with her, I feel the most alive.
I feel the most at ease with myself.
She's cleaning the house.
And I'm not even talking to her.
Just running around and screaming.
And beat boxing.
And dancing.
Because we're together!
We talked about how much we're lacking without each other.
And thought back to tha Claud Haus Gypsy Freak dayz.
We know that we'll be living together again.
We need it.
It's literally good for my health.
She gives me my pure stomp strength.
Without her, I try so hard.
And I feel like I do okay.
But I try and try to maintain it all independently.
But it won't be the same.
I wish I could bring her everywhere.
And show off our love.
And Scream it to the world.
Me, Min, and Bear are a great team.
I love him so much.
He makes me so happy, 
And I love that she found him.
It makes me explode with happiness.

I had a lucid dream that Bryan was visiting.
And hanging with guy friends I have here.
I was uncomfortable.

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