I'm keeping low for my health a few days.
I am so disappointed in myself.
It's okay, though.

Drew invited me to this thing on Saturday.
But he did not follow through with that.
It's okay, though.

Rob hit me up yesterday to get artsy and weird.
Which I really appreciated.
See, someone's tryin' ta hang with mez.

Ya know, man.
It's hard to balance out being good in every place.
Good in physical things.
Feeding yourself.
Always having supplies such as hygiene.
Keeping your house clean.
Paying bills.
Not breaking your shit.
Having to replace shit.
Going to wrong way.
Taking the wrong train.
Missing your stop.
Your cat not cuddling with you enough.

And then there's brainy brain.
Like making sure you're always in tune and aware of yourself.
And asking and truly answering questions.
And aslo there's brainy stuff like hooking up with folks.
Is that whachya want.
And how much you gonna flaunt.
And even who the fuck you wants like dat.
Man, it's confusing when you make a friend.
You're like.
Do I want to eventually hook up with you?
And you have to be so patient to gain respect.
I probably hooked up with.
Well I know that I hooked up with Drew too early.
I dunno da dude.
But it's been good so far.

Man, I wonder if it's really just this starvy freak out.
Or if I'm just really vibin' on myself.
Chillin' out hard.
I'm slothin' deep.
It seems fine with me.

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