My lucid dreams of last night.
I'm at Drew's, and his place has two windows to the street.
And these blonde girls keep coming over.
And each one is so thin.
With thin sagging skin over their bones.
And every single one of them is anorexic.
And everyone stares at them as if they're normal and beautiful.
And they walk with a stomp like they know they are.
And I couldn't help but stare at the oddity.
And I wondered if they all starved together as a team.
And sometimes I'd look at them, and they looked healthy.
And sometimes I could see their skin ripple on their bones.
And they left.
And there's this gun shot and scream out the window.
And the light outside is yellow from the street lights.
And this man.
Just appears at the window screaming.
And I swore he was to rob and murder us.
But it was his friend messing with us.
And I was just frozen in that fear.

And the one that happened right before I woke.
Me, Clara, Clara's lady friends, and Drew.
Walk into this club.
Blasting dubstep.
And there's a lit up bar to the left.
With tables further up and lounge shpots.
And on the right is another loungy area.
In the middle is this huuuuuuuuge glass thang.
With tons of tropical animals inside.
And they have to listen to this music 24/7.
And I saw this beautiful bird.
All the animals had huge pupils.
As if the music had taken over them.
And this bird with huge eyes.
It's eyes slowly rolled into the back of it's head.
Like its brain was melting from the environment.
And I started crying.
Seeing these poor babez with no control over their lives.
And on the right side where the lounge is.
All of these baby bunnies are running around.
And as I bend down to try to pet one,
i see this flattened bunny.
Sadly dragging itself around.
Its back legs broken.
And I just kept crying and crying.
It was so morbid to me.
And I ran out of that place.
I couldn't see anymore of that.

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