Wake up.
Dead in the mind.
A visual intwine.
With lucid liquid.
It's always pushin'.
A stomach that rumbles from the night before.
The nauseous pain.
Of slothy bores.
But I must control more.
To gain something that's sure.
To keep my beat steady.
To keep from my mind so heavy.

I would like to bury into you.
That I am the one who you whisper to
But the face that you see is a shadow of black.
You don't understand that I hold your tactics
In my brain, 
I see ya say.
I can see your gears move a loove
Before you even sway.

So to try and play some kind of ploy like you busy.
Let me give it to ya straight, I'm already dizzy.
Don't want to spin with your crazy.
I know what this is, 
And I tell ya, I'm thuh lady.
I got the stomp that makes you want.
Therefore, you only avoid the taunt.
Afraid of losing control of your weakened soul.
Don't worry, I'm about as black as we go.

Night time is when I'm the slime vine.
I slither throughout.
And I eat my own mind.
I break my own rules.
And I break myself, too.
Sitting all alone.
In this gypsy room.
But self preservation is something that requires concentration.
I'll sing that every minute to myself.
Until I find no reservation.
As I look at you as I speak.
I will be the one who never bleeds.
Got nothing deep inside for you to receive.
But always something up my sleeve.
I think that you look at me so because you feel as if it's what you need.
And you therefore recede.
Because you on your knees.
For one that sees.
But does not join the equality.
Because I stand above.
And I run the shove.
I'm never a silent dove.
But through the night, the slug.

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