I did it. 
I planted my face onto his. 
And it was the best impulse I could have ever had. 
He lay his head on my lap. 
And I didn't even know I was going to do
And he thought that I didn't want to because I kept talking about how I don't hook up with folks. 
And I told him, yes, but I want to hook up with him. 
He put his head in between my legs. 
And I wished my pants were off so bad. 
But we couldn't begin anything. 
Because I was to leave the country any moment. 
We both agreed that we should have done this earlier. 
But he also said that. 
Waiting can be fun, too. 
And it was. 

And he just kissed and kissed endlessly. 
Which is what I like to do. 
And we groove quite well together. 
And I haven't felt the impulse to. 
Rip off all my clothes and shove a boy inside of me. 
Until I kissed this one. 

Ahhhh, what I'm going to do to him when I return. 
We are the dream team of best friends. 
We crawl the streets and spray our screams. 
We sell weed from Californaiee. 
We freestyle like no body. 
And we make out like souls outside of bodies. 

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