I give up today.
I'm going to roll a spliff.
And cry in bed.
And wish my room mate wasn't here.
So I could just play Harrison until I fall back alseep.
Into lucid reality.

I'm becoming addicted to my dreams.
None of them pleasant.
But I don't want to leave them.
Because things are happening there.
I may be running around trying to find this nonexistent help and love.
But I'm doing that in the real world, anyway.
At least in my dreams, it's just a dream.

At least I can touch Bryan.
As least it's all a game.

How can I live in my lucid dreams forever.
Live unconsciously.
Hooked up to a monitor feeding me through a tube.

And then no one could hurt me in reality.
Because I'm not there in reality.
I can swim in my surreal screams.
And w=have more control over my dreams.

In my lucid dreams. Drew calls me and explains.
And tells me that he's fucking stupid.
And I fucking laugh at him and make him feel so.

In my lucid dreams, I'm running around having the time of my life with Rob.

In my lucid dreams, I don't need food.
So I'm never starving.

In my lucid dreams,
In my luid dreams.
I wish to only live.
In my lucid dreams. 

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