I just remembered.

Our phone call.

I refused to answer.

Because I was in the bathroom.

Having the longest lasting panic attack I’ve still had to this day.

And I was really afraid of passing out.

And you got to me answer the phone.

You explained why you ruined my family.

Because you were ruining them the safest way.

And you told me that you had been becoming schizophrenic from the Lyme disease.

And that for the past week, I’ve been yelling at you in your mind.

All of my hatred that I truly felt.

And you thought that my mother was a Russian spy from the government.

And she had set out a hit to assassinate you.

And that I was coming to kill you.

Because my brother had died.

And we blamed it on you.

And I’m glad that he only had palpitations like I have.

And that neither he nor I are dead.

Okay, and I also remember.
That I know why.
You ruined my family.
You found it so delicious.
I know it.
Because I didn't love you back.
And you hated me for it.

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