I’m just going to say. 
That folks may attempt to take me from my mind.
But that ain’t going to happen. 
I may go missing for a day. 
I may wake up somewhere I don’t know.
I may be that white girl in a lace dress crying in front of the projects.
But six women called every jail thinking I was taken in for graffiti. 
Every hospital in New York. 
Every person who knows my name in this city.
One babe didn’t come in to work today so that she could find me.
I’ve got California looking for me, too. 
Kids I don’t know asking if I’m found yet.
And I have ended up actually having an amazing and loving day. 
Came home to a street fair. 
Treated myself to a few Bloody Marias. 
Accidentally had a little party at my house filled with only really good friends. 
Had an amazing jam sesh. 
Free weed. 
Spray painted on my wall. 
And I got pizza and Ben and Jerrys at 3:30 am. 
Watching Arrested Development with two big booty ladies in bed.

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