I'm with Clara and Brittany.
I've been texting Rob because he was in my dream the night before.
And we talk about mishing togetha.
And he sent me a photo saying that he already had been, and it was of our tags together.
I asked him why they wouldn't come to the bars with us.
And he said he didn't know that's who Jackson was on the phone with.
So he came.
We're at Tutu's.
And right when we walk out,
He's in front.
And we hang out.
And tag everywhere.
And are like best friends.
And he's at my house.
And I accidentally said "we're the same person."
I meant to explain differently.
But he was like "what."
And I explained saying that I felt like he's the boy version of myself.
And also, it comes to the point of where he'll sleep.
And I tell him to sleep here, but to please not try anything.
And he became offended that I would consider him to he so.
But I just explained why.
But I don't know, whatever.
I don't feel like writing.

I'm feeling much better all throughout.

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