I have been going to the gym!
Still focusing on my intake. 
And I think that my weakness is a silly woman thing. 
And I'm working hard on giving peeps da benefit of tha doubt. 
And I'm working hard on keepin' mah stomp. 
But my lucid dreams have been taking me. 
And recently, they've been coming true. 
So this is what happened last night:

I had a dream my knees were so bony that they hit while I walked
I had a dream that he was what I expected 
I had a dream that I was in Greece searching for two men 
And while I was trudging through the ocean filled with locals, I looked at two coins with the mans names on them and one was a rapist
And in my dream, I told another friend not to try and touch me 
And in my dream, Ian and I got into a fight
And he yelled at me for teasing him
And told me that's why he did what he did that night
And I told him that he was disgusting for that and that I never said I would ever give him anything. 
And I dreamed Asher came over again
And my bedroom door was open
So as he explained everything to Sahara, he could see me sleeping 

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