You know.
I feel like I do well at living carelessly. 
And I feel like I am doing well grooving on myself. 
But I still find a sting sometimes. 
And that is my weakness. 
It is nothing I can't talk myself out of. 

I am to. 
Silence myself more. 

I have no bother when it comes to intended friendships. 
But you know. 
I think that I must bother. 
Because I come off to be ways that I am not. 
And these ways cause for others to interpret me incorrectly. 

For some, 
I am not the one to spend time with. 
But if I have a gathering, it is more likely to spend time with me. 
Because the company is for the gathering.
Not myself. 

I will take these observations. 
And I will only put effort into those that return it. 

And I forget this mantra. 
I have said this many many many times before.

But here I am saying it again. 
And here I am attempting the frame of mind. 

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