My dream last night, so.
I can't fully remember, of course.
But I'm amongst Minnie and Ashley Anderson.
Drew and Rob and the other boys.
And we were walking through this desolate land.
And there was this building.
I forget what it said on the building.
But we decided to burn it.
And I was staring at the sun, it was huge.
Huge and orange, so orange.
And so, as I stared at it,
I could see the little squiggly lines.
All of the details.
And I was somehow a bit eggy of the night.
You could see it in the sky.
Some parts of this desolate land were lit up as the day.
And it was warm in those areas.
But in the darkened spots,
It was cold and eerie.
And it gave me fear.
So, we light up this building.
And I see pigeons on it.
And some girl screams about them, 
And we all knew they'd simply fly away,
But it brought attention to a kitten on the roof.
So we saved it.
Okay, but so.
I knew it was a dream.
And so I left him alone again.
I think that this decision in my dreams.
Is due to the decision in my reality.
And since I've been exercising it in my dreams,
It's become something true.
But every time he is in my dream,
I see him the next day.
And this is so funny to me.
How can this prophecy become true?

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