I am there at some apartment
And Rob was there.
And I am looking into the sky.
And I yell for everyone to look.
And it looked like the sun.
It was some huge planet or huge something.
So close to earth.
And it was volcanic looking
It was red hot, but you could see every detail.
And so it was red hot.
But was like lava, so covered in black dried spots.
Like a giraffe.
And so this planet.
The second I tell people to look.
It flies vigorously up and away.
And then all of a sudden.
We see it launch itself at the earth.
And we are all thrown down.
It was a planet one third the size of earth, I would say.
And we were all so freaked out.
And another one happened.
And we all ended up flying up into the air.
And soaring down slowly elsewhere.
I landed somewhere in Manhattan.
And I was with my friend, I forget who it was.
And I spend my whole time with this friend trying to get back.
But more of these kept crashing and crashing.
I thought it may be a meteor shower.
And the world was coming to an end, it was.
The meteors or what not must have been hitting another continent.
BEcause we were simply being shaken.
And some people were such fools to call cars to go home.
And some people were such fools to still try to make money off of this.
And the world was coming to an end.
And I thought to myself that I always knew I'd be there for the end of the world.

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