This dream has left me in shock.
It was a series of lucid dreams within my normal dreams.
I was at parties in my dreams.
At the SchoolHaus
But it didn't look like the SchoolHaus
And in these parties, 
I would curl up and fall asleep.
One time, a guy came up and curled around me.
I didn't know if it was real or a dream within my dream.
So, I lucidly reached for his arm and grabbed him.
And I conquered the barrier within consciousness and dreaming.
Within a dream.
And I started grooving with this guy.
I wouldn't kiss him.
Or touch him.
But I just let him feel me around.
And he gets on top of me.
And it's as if I woke up in that moment.
I push him off and tell him I don't want to do anything.
And he's just embarrassed, 
And everyone is looking at us.
And I can see my naked legs.
He is sitting next to me getting dressed.
I apologize and apologize.
It all was just me testing reality.
But as I speak my sorries, he seemed to forget who I was.
And then I truly wake.
Still at the party.
Just alone.
And keep in mind, here.
That this lucid dream was within my actual dream.
And I don't really consider my actual dream to have been lucid.
Though I could feel everything I felt mentally and physically.

I am having a part at my house.
Which looked so different.
Derek was still my room mate.
But I have this memory of standing in my laundry room.
A mixture of brick wall and wood.
With grafitti thickly covering.
And I was thinking about how Bryan used to live there.
Though this was never the case.
Throughout my whole entire dream,
I keep seeing people at these parties.
And they are a friend of mine.
But they change into someone else as I come closer and speak to them.
Or when I wake from my dream.
There were two people who I thought were another two.
And so, I fall asleep at me party.
And I dreamed that I was back at the Corinthian.
I see my Rob who I met here in Brooklyn.
The floors are wooden.
I slide myself to him.
Because of the last instance with the lucid guy,
I used my lucid power within this dream
To have a moment with this boy.

I wake.

The next day, I am walking right outside of my house.
It's in this alley way
With vendors on both sides.
This voodoo woman.
I guess we knew each other.
Just from repeated sight.
She is selling these beautiful ponchos.
That are meant to hold babies like kangaroos.
And they have zippers.
Well, I can't remember the act,
But someone was rude to her.
And I turn around and come to her.
I tell her I love the poncho,
And she tells me that she does as well though she does not have a child to fill it.
I enter her small area, but it expands.
And she tells me that I'm about to go through something.
She holds my hands, and a tingle runs through my entire body.
And sherly up the back on my neck.
I look at my hand after she releases,
And she put a small splinter into my ring finger.

The rest of this dream is a mess.
A mess of waking and falling back so quickly.
She stood by her jewelry display as I fell victim to my sleep.
I would fall and have lucid lucid dreams.
Wake for a moment to try to get myself out of them.
And fall back so quickly.
I was fighting myself.
And I fought the urge to convulse.
But I finally gave in.
Convulsing at an uneven pattern of time at first.
And then more regularly and constant.
I had a lucid dream I was with the woman.
Looking down from a bridge in the mountains down onto a river.
However, in my mind, this was New York.
And I watch as I see huge dolphins.
And submarines.
I thought it was odd until I saw killer whales, 
and I knew that something was irregular.
There was a bridge splitting the river.
The whales swam under it,
And I look to the right side of the bridge.
I watch what I thought was a killer whale turn now into a bull.
WIth the same colouring.
The same skin.
Prancing from my side of the river to the other.
Parallel with the bridge.
And there are quite a few.
As they pranced, the water turned to earth.
But there were killer whales and dolphins congregating with them
at the opposite side of the mountain.
Somehow floating in water still.

I convulsed, and I convulsed.
And I can't tell where I was convulsing.
In my sleeping state in my dream.
Or in my sleeping state in reality.
I convulsed, and I convulsed.
The voodoo woman watched over me with care and protection.
I forced myself awake when my phone rang.

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