Clara put things in perspective.
I am doing too many drugs.

I also think I'm anemic. 
I also know that I did this to myself.

I feel as if I have focused on meeting new people.
Which is great.
But at the same time, 
Being around my skat pak helps keep me balanced.
And it is yet another aspect as to why I have gone insane recently.
I considered throwing up today.
But it wasn't much of a battle.
My hair is falling out from it.
I can't.
And that explains why I have had a hard time leaving my bed.
And have fallen to lucid dreams.
Because of bulimia.
I have things to say.
But it is exhausting to even type them.
I have been thinking so much.
I've gone mad inside of my mind.
I did Dmt.
And munched on some shrooms.
A couple days ago.
I wish I could just hide myself for two weeks.
Until I am fixed.
But, no, I am to run around California.
I am a never ending jumping bean.

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