A heart attack up for trail
My bile has returned for the while

She sings as she walks down the raining street
Winter is a crime when you're in New York Sweet
She gags the same vocal chords that woo you to sleep
In order to gain the pleasure when she and folks meet

The flowers have gone with the warmth that we miss 
Staining her insides like the photos she prints
But without the idodine and bleach that burns it to grits 
There are other ways for her to maintain within her wits

The record player has gone on too long
Ya know
The album is skipping
She left for the show

A burning stomach leaves fire in her skull
The white of her eyes have become all that is shown 
Rolled back in her head
Thirsty mind leaves ya dead
Baby remembers 
When she's put to bed

Remember, remember 
Ya mind is bad weather
Guttenous functions 
Diseased when you clever

I sit in the chair
Waiting for baby candy cane
She's not to return
For she has forgotten my name. 

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