February 14th, a new moon told me. 
It has dawned on me that I have done the work that I needed to in order to conquer what must have been conquered. 

I am to be a prowless again. 
To conquer men out of independence and self respect. 

I bought a dildo that I can teach myself to deep throat once again.  
I mstersnate and imagine certain men giving me head, and it only makes me feel powerful. 
I lay in bed and smoke a cigarette after. 
And I go to the gym every morning for my muscles and stamina. 

I am going to be the best woman that is inside of me. 

I spent a bit over a year turning into Young Little again. 

But I am Naukie. 
Naukie, I am. 

Hear me roar. 
Scream my name. 

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