False memory frightening 
It is the old ape who always
Reminds me of whining. 

Momma take me home
Because I can't make it, myself. 
If we murder together,
We may not end in hell. 
The stories that I tell. 
Are uncomfortable due to facts 
But the veracity is what brings
The babies to relax. 

I'm no good at love. 
And it's no inspiration of mine. 
For the only ones who have taken me. 
Awake into swine. 
It's tequila and gin
That make me smile more than anything else. 
I dance all night every time. 
My own form of romance. 

My bold and blunt words may make you tremble like a baby doo. 
But don't worry, sweet thang. 
All I want is for my lips to meet up with you. 

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