I feel as if I have confused this boy. 
I kissed him once. 
And when I see him, I am bold. 
But I think that he is a late bloomer. 
And excited about his recent success in beauty. 
And I remember when that happened to me and how I reacted. 
I feel as if he thought he's gain me quickly. 
But is realizing that it isn't so. 
And he is therefore attempting to confuse me as much as I confuse him. 
I don't really think I'm focused on his side of things. 
I'm just focused on how I feel and what I want. 
And I am patient, but sometimes I want it now. 
But he is now trying to make me wait as I am doing upon him. 

I'm going to delete his number to leave him alone and think of him less. 

Because I just want physical fun, and I don't want anything to make me a fool. 

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