It passed, the 11th.
I got the flu that day.
I slept with this boy I've been meaning to.
It was amazing, and oh my god morning sex!
But I hope he doesn't like me..

I've been thinking of Bryce.
He's who I think about when I groove still.
Kookas is living with me,
And though him and Tammi are broken up,
She fucking comes over.
I fucking don't fucking want to fucking hear her fucking laugh while I have the fucking flu, fuck you, Tammi.
How can she be comfortable in my home when she knows I hate her.
Ah, but she was comfortable leaving Elliot for his friend and moving across the country with him, okay.
She's too selfish to care for her shame.
Eating is hard with the flu.
But you know what!
I weigh 142, fucking kill my fucking self, I've worked hard.
I just have to starve to be okay, how sad.
How how sad.
It's so easy for everyone.

I just want to  be strong in beauty.

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