My dream, I come to Santa Cruz, and everyone in the crew is there. 
Hannah Rogers is the first one I see, I hug her, she's so thin. 
And she tells me, hey, so I did this out of empowerment, but I gave Bryan head. 
And I slapped her. 
I have never felt the need to really slap someone other than Bryan before. 
It was a soft slap, but I did it. 
And everyone clapped. 
BecauSe the situation was funny to everyone. 
I ran outside to smoke a cigarette.
And Bryce came out. 
He hugged me, and it just felt so sweet. 
We held each other and swayed back and forth and rubbed eachother's backs. 
And he picked me up, and we just hugged as I was suspended. 

I came back in and everything was fine, I got over it. 
I told Hannah that she shouldn't have given him head but made him giver her head because that's what he deserves. 

I leave, and I'm in East Village.
I see Rob, and I sit down at a bench and talk to him. 
He was so happy to see me and told me he missed me.
I talked with him about how we used to be such good friends. 
And he agreed, but said that everything happened so fast that he backed off. 
And knowing that, I realized not to come on too strong. 
We enjoyed our time, but a guy and two girls came, and Rob transferred his focus on them. 
That's okay. 
I left. 

I left,
And I woke up. 

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