Touching myself to the wrong boy. 
Because he's the only one who I know is grooving on me. 

Well, I guess there's another who I've slept with.
But I just. 
Am only. 
When we face to face. 
I don't dream of our interactions. 

Not that I dream of wrong boy, really. 
I had one dream when I found out he was sweet up on this Noog. 
He's just so nice. 
That I.
Feel like. 
It means. 
I'm a good person if such a good person is into me. 
Like he sees more than the secrets I've told him. 

Studio project at 9, I'm still drunk after the five drinks I've had periodically through the day. 
I go to the bathroom and touch myself thinking of him. 
I have no one to think about. 
But I want to cum, so imma cummin'. 

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